3 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Sunroom or Enclosed Porch

The Spring Cottage Life Show, is full of fresh home and cottage inspiration. Create a luxurious Sunroom or Porch Enclosure with these simple tips!


All things green are gold in our mind. Array your outdoor living space with beautiful plants to bring the outdoors in. Pick your favourite potted plants to place on tables and shelves (we love succulents!) or integrate greenery into your seating arrangements with creative cinder blocks and luscious cushions. Plants love the nourishing sun that streams into your sunroom.


Gathering in your sunroom with family and friends is a warm weather highlight. Think about using long sectional seating to include everyone comfortably for large spaces. Small benches make small spaces cozier, especially with decorative pillows and voluptuous blankets. For an extra enjoyable seat, invest in a swinging chair or bench seat. Outdoor areas bring people together, so entertain in comfort and luxury. Create places to lounge! 


Set an inviting atmosphere with charming lights and candles. Use a statement sign and set the mood! Your own personality and style will shine through and create your own version of luxury.

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