Furnish Your Sunroom in Summer Style

Summer is here! Beautiful weather and hand crafted iced cocktails are on your horizon. We thought of a few ideas to help spruce up your seating arrangement with summer style, wherever your outdoor living space may be, at home or at the cottage.


Utilize long tables as a gathering tool to bring your family and guests to a centered space. The light through your porch windows makes your enclosed outdoor area an ideal place to enjoy coffee and catch up with friends and family. 

Use chairs with armrests for the ends of the table or change out a couple chairs for a bench for an updated look. Metal chairs also offer a clean, sleek look, while being low maintenance, especially for year round storage at the lake.


Find the perfect patio furniture set to create a cohesive look that is multi-functional for all seasons. Mid-July is also the perfect time to update your seating areas, as your favourite stores will have the best deals mid-season.

These seating areas provide a comfortable space for kids to read, lounge, play and enjoy board games with friends. Check out our blog on best ways to utilize the porch for the whole family!

Easily host a tea time or wine tasting with your closest friends, while admiring the beautiful view of the outdoors from your sunroom windows


Bench seating utilizes your space, opens up floor room and allows many guests to enjoy your sunroom. Choose a full wrap-around bench or include one in addition to the seating you currently have. A perfect mix of design and functionality.

Bench seating and cushions can also be changed out according to the season, along with pillows and blankets. Lighter cotton blankets for summer at the cottage and cozy wool for cooler nights at home.


For more ideas, visit our Pinterest page where you can see all the photos included in our blog and more.

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