Glass or Vinyl For Your Porch or Sunroom Windows?

This is a question that has probably crossed your mind at least once during your porch or sunroom build or remodel project. Well, you are in luck! We have some insights that might help make the decision a little easier.

Sunspace’s WeatherMaster 4 Track Windows are built with light-weight View Flex Vinyl Glazing offering you a luxurious look that is made to withstand all seasons. Additionally, each and every window is custom made to easily fit your existing porch layout, saving you from making costly modifications to the structure. Continue reading to learn more about how vinyl 4 track windows, in our opinion, are superior to glass. 

So, why should you consider vinyl over standard glass windows? Consider these four reasons why:

  • Vinyl windows preserve the “outdoor” feel. One reason people love a Sunspace 3-season porch or sunroom is because it gives them the luxury of experiencing the outdoors without having to be outdoors. Vinyl offers just that.  The panels are easy to remove, with just a few steps you can take them down for the summer and enjoy the outdoors with just a screened in porch. Glass windows, unfortunately, don’t provide that option and make your outdoor space look and feel like just another room in your house. Vinyl 4 Track windows keep out the elements while maintaining the open feeling of an outdoor space. If the window is left in they easily open for 75% ventilation and then close for 100% protection from the elements. You get much more ventilation and versatility than a standard window.
  • They are long lasting and do not shatter.  Our vinyl windows are flexible, as seen in the video below, which means that they will not shatter when hit or broken. They are durable, light weight, and easy to maintain. A safe choice for kids.

Wanna see just how durable WeatherMaster vinyl windows are? Check out this durability test Sunspace Texas conducted

  • Less maintenance required!  WeatherMaster windows are made with sturdy aluminum frames that don’t require any painting or staining. The durable View Flex Vinyl has UV inhibitor that maintains its transparency and durability. WeatherMaster windows are low maintenance and designed specifically for use in a porch, gazebo or sunroom. They will stand up to our harsh Ontario climate.
  • You can get a style that best fits your tastes. To meet the desires of so many customers, our windows are custom made and are available in seven distinct colours with numerous screen and tinting options.  We have windows that slide up and down vertically or left to right horizontally as well as many door options to match. However your porch is laid out, we can design a functional and stylish outdoor living space for you! 

Most importantly, Sunspace’s WeatherMaster windows have a warranty, providing you with a worry-free product!  Interested in designing a sunroom or porch enclosure of our own? Contact a Sunspace expert at Nortech to improve your home or cottage. 

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